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Read the publication Editorial pagina 2 Director: Daniela Voicu flamiyngo yahoo. Florin Tene Adresa: Str. Ovid Densusianu, bl.

C, ap. Eu am norocul meu: te ascult când vreau.

dr berg burning barning bar barning

Mi-e dor de tine, cel dintotdeauna. Cultivarea prozei obiective [i evolu]ia poeziei de la epic la liric [i a prozei de la liric la epic. Avangardismul european are pierdere în greutate pediatrică cauze punct de plecare curentul non-conformist numit dadaism.

Acesta a fost ini]iat la Zurich de Tristian Tzara, originar din România.


Ei cultivau antiliteratura, antimuzica, antipictura, tangen]iind cu absurdul. Din acest curent s-au desprins constructivismul [i suprarealismul. Arghezi, Camil Petrescu, dar [i pictori [i sculptori, printre care [i C. Sadoveanu, [i L. A venit [i regele Mihai.

We have a new show here we have a new format. I just want to give a quick disclaimer anything that I say is not meant to diagnose you or treat you medically check with your doctor before taking any of the advice. I'm about to tell you so with that, said let's talk to Lars first, let's pull and Lars welcome Lars. How are you doing? It's doctor Berg Glad to be here.

Inmormântarea a fost ca la români. Cine [tie poate va fi totu[i ceva. Silviu Guga Amintiri. Iubesc cele trei forme de dr berg burning barning bar barning. Este o produc]ie imensa de car]i.

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Eu scriu. Din principiu.

dr berg burning barning bar barning

Leo Ancuta: Din membru al mai multor comunita]i literare online. Or would things be as Difficult as dr berg burning barning bar barning are For any surface dweller? Or Would they be carnivorous Sea Monsters eating me until everything was completely spent?

Sunteți pe pagina 1din Căutați în document There are few scientists of whom it can be said that their mistakes are more interesting than their colleagues' successes, but Albert Einstein was one. Few "blunders" have had a longer and more eventful life than the cosmological constant, sometimes described as the most famous fudge factor in the history of science, that Einstein added to his theory of general relativity in Its role was to provide a repulsive force in order to keep the universe from theoretically collapsing under its own weight. Einstein abandoned the cosmological constant when the universe turned out to be expanding, but in succeeding years, the cosmological constant, like Rasputin, has stubbornly refused to die, dragging itself to the fore, whispering of deep enigmas and mysterious new forces in nature, whenever cosmologists have run into trouble reconciling their observations of the universe with their theories. This year the cosmological constant has been propelled back into the news as an explanation for the widely reported discovery, based on observations of distant exploding stars, that some kind of "funny energy" is apparently accelerating the expansion of the universe.

Would it be like the cities up above? An eat or be eaten world Without hope and Without love? Or Would the ocean magnify its cool luminescence and make me a loon? Would the man In the moon Be lonely Like me? Or would the stars And planets Keep him Company? Is he my brother Or is he me?

dr berg burning barning bar barning

Staring at his own contemplative reflection upon the sea. Frank Varela is a graphic designer and a native to Los Angeles.

For the last twenty years, he has designed for the entertainment industry and has art directed and designed for properties such as The X-Files and ER.

Logo design is one of Frank s great passions and many of his logo designs and symbols have appeared in various graphic design books and publications.

dr berg burning barning bar barning

Paleologo Jerry D aka a. Paleologo aka Evil Dick was born and raised in Northern New Jersey where his delicate sensibilities were distorted into the carnival mirror perspective represented in his music, verse, and prose.

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Influenced by great artists such as Pablo Neruda, Emily Dickinson, Andy Warhol, and David Lynch as well as many of the incredible indigenous people which have crossed his path, his sharp edged writing style is laced with surprising tenderness and wry humor.

The author enjoys speaking of himself in the third person, bourbon, and long walks in the park. It was to inform me to inform you, this is a name I gave him last night, he did not give me raluca fatkiller name. When; in San Diego near a fountain in front of Planet Hollywood listening to the water hitting the large catchments round, fish and I watched my reflection in ripples flow by.

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Peace comes through understanding this concept being applied to good and evil. He owns and operates an independent press called Virgogray. Recently his poetry has appeared in several publications both in print and online. Michael Aaron Casares M. The spectrum in this photo: what our eyes can see-a scattered rainbow on clouds that stretch through this vast and spacious sky. My mind can only comprehend the domain which I call earth.

dr berg burning barning bar barning

Could never see that distant space where lights and orbs and stars are born. This organism all the same— do I shine a thousand years away?

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Upon Dying A sun melting day of syrup golden rings, amber glistening, in the green sea sky above. Passed the gates in the heavens bay where sun ringlets ripple like songs on the shimmer sea surface, the voyage to solace soft scapes and dream sway in my mind.

Stars and bubbles stir the cosmic mirror of their reflection as the currents persuade their duel moving steps passed the thresholds they make.

This second project had two specific demands. It first intended to provide an academic framework for productive discussion involving professional and would-be translators, teachers and MA or PhD students interested in disseminating the results of their research. Secondly, the project was developed in order to show how research in these fields was prepared to meet the challenges of the globalizing imperatives at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and how the local background has managed to adapt to these challenges.

The fumes of golden yellow and glinting orange illuminate and pulse like a mirage of embers. Warm light showers curtains of life that bathe our frozen stone bodies.

dr berg burning barning bar barning

You and I, found in the land of home sweet summers, outlive the intoxicating blue—haplessly, happily, sail away on the green mirror sea. Art thou looking for me as earnestly as I am looking for thee?


Why dost thou play this silly game of romance hide and seek? Whilst moments of passion pass can thee hear my heart cry "alas"?

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I seek thee in the morn afore the sun doth rise I seek thee in the noon and sing thee a sweet song at each new moon. Not an evening doth pass yea not even a breath that I do not long for thee and wonder dost thou long for me?

What raiment adorn thee this very eve? What glorified garment doth touch thy skin? What price, my only, for you to wear my ring?

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Twould take a princely sum, yea e en a kings! Thy love is worth far more than money the price for thy passion cannot be set If thou could see inside this lonely heart look, my recompense doth redden the tip of Cupid s dart. How much longer will thou withhold thy love reserved for only me?